Berbere Spice Mix

My version of Berbere-inspired spice mix. Great for making stews and especially for putting on popcorn. I looked at at least half a dozen recipes and this is my "average", favoring the spices I prefer.   [To PRINT, use the choice on the Gear button next to this text].





Total volume: Just over 2 cups (475ml).
Approximate prep time: 15mins (if you know where all your spices are...)
Cook Time: None

Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together.

Berbere Spice Mix
Berbere Spice Mix

I use a whisk to mix the ingredients. Keep some of the mixture in a shaker bottle for spicing up bland dishes and especially for putting on popcorn (with butter and salt).

Ultimate Parmesan-Pepper Popcorn! Butter + salt + berbere spice mix + prepared grated parmesan (from a jar).



Whether you use it for a stew or popcorn, you will most likely want more salt, but different amounts for each application. For a stew, a shaker bottle would take too long. The amount you add will be dependent on the pot size, but I suggest starting with a full tablespoon for a medium pot, then adding more until you get enough flavor.