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Linux Portals:
Desktop Linux Open Source Developers
Just Linux
Linux Central
Linux Help
Linux Homepage Headlines RSS
Linux Insider
Linux Journal
Linux Links Lots more than here...
Linux Lookup
Linux Orbit
Linux Questions
Linux Today
Linux Look-up
NewsForge "Open Source News"
ONLamp O'Reilly on LAMP
Open For Buisness" Tux gets a suit
Slashdot "News for Nerds"

Linux Distributions:
Linux Online - Search Them All
Gentoo Linux
Linspire "World's Easiest"
Mandriva (Mandrake, Lycoris)
Red Hat (and Fedora)
Turbo Linux
Ubuntu Linux

Linux Hardware:
Emperor Linux Linux On Laptops
Linux Compatible
Linux Printing

Linux Misc:
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Free Software Foundation
Free Standards Group
Open Source Initiative
Tux Penguin Pictures

Linux Notes:
Linux Commands Listing
Linux Newbie Guide
LinuxPlanet - Tutorials
Sobell's UNIX Books
Tips for Linux

Linux Software:
Miro - Free Internet Video Channels and RSS Feeds
Burning CD's Notes/Software
Codeweavers - WINE and Crossover Office (Handles MS stuff)
Email Clients
Gaim - Instant Messenger
GIMP - Graphical Image Manipulator Program
Linux Apps - PORTAL
Linux Game Tome
Linux TV
Open Office
RealPlayer - Scroll to UNIX
Xemacs - Does it all if you can figure it out
X Multi-Media System (xmms)
ZINF - Media Player (Zinf Is Not FreeAmp)

Linux Desktops, etc:
GNOME - "Computing Made Easy"
X-Windows Managers

Apache Software Foundation
Apache Tutorials

BASH (Bourne Again SHell): Advancing in the Bash Shell
Deep, Dark Secrets of Bash
Linux Terminal - A Beginners' Bash
Linux Today - MLUG: The Linux Terminal - A Beginners' Bash

HTML, etc.:
Color Chart: Color codes for html documents
HTML Goodies - Home Page
Webmaster Freebies
World Wide WebConsortium

Misc. Programming:
Free Software Foundation
Free Standards Group
Open Source Initiative
Open Source Technology Group

MySQL (homepage)
MySQL Data Manager
MySQL-Front - Frontend for Admin of MySQL
MySQL Tutorials - Google Directory - SQL

ActiveState "Programming for the People"
Perl Mongers "O'Reilly Source for Perl"

PHP Resource Index
Zend - Intro to PHP

Python Language Website
Instant Python
Python Programming for Beginners
Python Programming Language (human selected links)

My Other Links:
Non-Computer Links

Note: Most of these notes are concerning Free Software.

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