The first thing you need for a camel ride is a camel. A lot of people make the request to see you on a camel if you are from the USA and go to Morocco. Please note that the camel doesn't work during the middle of the day when the sun is hot. He goes home and eats...not a bad job. After we took the pictures and rode a little, we got off and just walked the camel.

Moroccan mint tea: The tea is green Chinese tea. You should get the "special gunpowder" type and "Sinia" is one brand. Put enough tea in you pot to make a good strong pot of tea. It is recommended to pour the first batch of water out (like with most Chinese tea) if you have time. It removes some bitter flavor.

Next put in a BIG handful of FRESH mint. The bigger the pot, the more the mint. Add a LOT of sugar to be authentic. Pour the tea out into a glass several times to mix the tea. Pour from a good height to aid mixing and add air to the tea. Finally, pour from a great height to add air and mystique. Serve in a glass (not cup) with a selection of cookies. Reuse the tea-mint mixture.

These photos were taken in 2002.