These pictures are of Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. They would not look right if it was bright and sunny. I read somewhere that the town gets over 12 feet (3.7 meters) of rain a year! Can that be true? Good thing it is on the coast, the water must just run back into the ocean... One of Bergen's most famous sites is the fish market. It doesn't get any fresher that that! It gets set up just about every morning at the end of the harbor. If it's raining, the aquarium is a good place to visit.

People told us that Scandinavia was an expensive place to visit. While you don't get cheap prices for most things, you could still get a sandwich and a soda for about 5 USD (year 2000). Less than or the same as New York City. Something I wish I had time to do while I was in Bergen was to take the tram up to Mount Fløyen. You might end up in Bergen if you take a Fjords of Norway tour starting off in Oslo.

These photos were taken in 2000.