Copenhagen City Panoramic

The panoarmic photo above was taken from the Spiral Tower in the city center. You can see the inside and some other Copenhagen Tourist Sites on the next page. The wharf area with the brightly colored buildings does look like a post card come to life. The wharf area has many restaurants along the pier here. The canal boats in Copenhagen were nicer to ride in than the ones in Stockholm. Also, a live guide instead of a recorded one over the headphones. The canals are used for many things like "bungee" jumping, kayaking, sightseeing... If you don't do much else during a vacation / holiday in Copenhagen, I think you should take at least one boat ride in the canals.

The last photos are of the party trucks. The people who just graduated college (high school?) hire a truck to drive them through the city and honk, sing, drink and toast everyone. It was the middle of June.

These photos were taken in 2000.