Around when the French revolution was kicking in, the king of Denmark decided to quell popular uprising by building a huge amusement park in the city. I guess it worked. No revolution, and the Danes still have a reputation for being the partiers of Scandinavia. At Tivoli Gardens, the Chinese acrobats did amazing things, including that saucer thing where you'd swear they are connected to the sticks. Gardens, plays, food, rides...the 19th century version of Six Flags Great Adventure? Every day is a vacation / holiday at Tivoli Gardens.

The spiral tower is a great first place to visit and get a bird's-eye view of the city. A very impressive piece of engineering. The "floor" was a brick-paved street that ran to the top and supported horses running up it, etc. A church was attached to it. You can just see the bridge to Stockholm from the top. There is a panoramic photo from the tower on the Streets of Copenhagen page.

The botanical gardens are located right next to the National Gallery art museum. There are some nice Gauguin's and others, but the museum in Oslo is better. The modern section is just what you'd think. If you're on the museum steps, you can see where to walk to the Rosenborg castle. It's a little under-whelming as castles go, but it has lots of museum-type items on display. See the castle when it's bright out, the lighting is not great. I thought they served some pretty good food at the restaurant there.

The last photos are of Kronborg castle, on the Northeast coast of Denmark (maybe an hour drive from Copenhagen? You can tour lots of big rooms, the chapel and dungeon. This is not far from where we took the overnight ferry to Oslo.

These photos were taken in 2000.