I think Geilo is were we boarded the Flam train to Myrdall. It was the middle of June when I took these pictures, and you can see there is still snow on some of the mountains. A good deal cooler than along the coasts. The first waterfall picture is from the train ride. They stop a couple of times to let people out to take pictures. I tried to get the people and the train in the picture to show the scale...they were very impressive waterfalls. The boat in the picture is like the one that gave the tour through the Fjords. A good amount of room, but pretty cold when it got going.

There's not too much to say about the fjords. They were the most amazing sites in the trip. Sorry if the pictures don't do them justice. I had just seen some of the cliffs at Yosemite Park, USA, before I went on this trip. The size of the cliffs and waterfalls were significantly larger. Also, having water all around them is kind of mysterious. It was a full day's trip to take a bus from Oslo, then a train ride, then a fjord boat cruise, then a bus ride to Bergen, Norway.

These photos were taken in 2000.