The first two photos are from the overnight ferry from the Copenhagen area. That is a much larger cruise ship in the harbor. It is a nice drive up the hills and there is a great view of the harbor, but I'm not sure why this ski jump is a tourist attraction in the summer. I also don't know why trolls are big business in Norway. Oslo had a bit more industry than Copenhagen. I neglected to take pictures of Karl Johans Gate, but it is more interesting than the street photo I have. The good museum is at the far end near the University.

Gustav Vigeland sculpture park. Oslo's largest public park. Gustav had some special deal with the city in which he got room and board for, like, forever... so he had to make so many sculpures for the city of Oslo (with the help of some art grad-students, I guess...?) Great place to walk. There are also pictures of the Norwegian folk museum in nearby Bygdow. The raised floors with high windows helped keep animals out. A mixture of paganism and Christianity around 1200 helped create the Stave church. Not far from this museum is a good viking ship museum (no pix).

These photos were taken in 2000.