There is a play list of 3 videos from Youtube above. They show a kayak trip up the Crystal River that ends at the 3 Sisters Springs. This is an area heavily traveled by manatees. Especially in the winter, they spend a lot of time around the springs where the water temperature is always around 70 degrees Farenheit. The water at the springs really is crystal clear.

Going down most of the river, one side has houses where you are looking at people's back yards. The boat traffic was very light, but there were a fair amount of manatees swimming up and down the river. Many more hanging out at the springs, which looked like a great place to go snorkling. The town of Crystal River, on the Gulf coast of Florida, is fairly small and buildings are kept low. It is in the general vicinity of another "relaxed" vacation town we visited called Homosassa Springs.

These photos were taken in 2011.