This is a page of vacation photos taken from all over Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. The first picture shows they have people-mover trams like at Disney World to get you to and from your car. There isn't as much fantasy stuff as in Disney World, but they did have some people walking around dressed up as I-don't-know-what. There are some themed sections to the park, like Egypt, Morocco, and Sesame Street. A section called the Serengeti Plane is featured on another page of photos called Busch Gardens Animals.

The big difference between Disney World and Busch Gardens (in addition to a cheaper entry fee) is that there are real thrill-seeker rides at Busch Gardens Tampa. Some of the roller coasters have even made some "top ten" lists, for people that keep track of that kind of thing. I have a whole page of photos of just the Busch Gardens Rides. Here is a link to the Busch Gardens Tampa Hompepage.

These photos were taken in 2011.