If you find yourself visiting the Florida Everglades, then a ride in an airboat is probably the best way to see unique landscape of the everglades. It's some good family fun, but not for the very sensitive, as the motor is VERY loud and the boats do go fast at times.

We took an airboat ride from Everglades City, FL. The landscape was almost exclusively mangroves, which are a number of different trees that can grow in the salty water. A look at a more swampy area of the Florida Everglades is on the next page of the Everglades hiking trail photos.

The southern part of Florida is the only tropical area of the continental United States. There are some plants and animals here that you won't see anywhere else in the USA. It is amazing at how close this wilderness is to the very built-up area of Miami Beach that we also visited.

Florida Panoramic Photo

These photos were taken in 2011.