Presented without comments. This is a collection of my late father's writings. They are mostly 1-page articles, sent to me and the people at his retirement home, the Advent Christian Village, concerning what he learned in life, humor, Christian prayers, and living with disabilities.

Something Funny

Laughter - A Great Medicine

Are Friends Forever?

Thank You Lord

New Year's Resolutions

2010 Sayings

2010 Sayings - Part 2

ABC's of A Friend

About God

About Love

Abundant Table

Accepting Ourselves

Accept What Comes

Accolades to July

Achieving Success

Acing Old Age

ACV New Year's Greetings

Admiral Goal

Advice to Live By

After Easter

Age-Old Advice

Agin With Disabilities

Align Your Mind

Almost Autumn

Alone, Not Lonely

Along The Way - 1st

Along The Way - 2nd

The New Alphabet

Always Bounce Back

Always Dream

Always Feel Loved

Always Remember


And Then It Is Winter

And Then Some

An Easter Song


Anonymous: Three Things

An Open Letter

Another Prayer


April Sayings

April Thoughts

April Thoughts 2

April Thoughts Again

Are You A Reason?

Armed Forces Prayer

ASAP = Always Say A Prayer

A Season Or A Lifetime

As I've Aged


A Thanksgiving Prayer

Attitude of Self Help

August Sayings

August Summer

Autumn Is My Favorite

Autumn 2nd

Autumn Again

Autumn In The Country

Autumn: God Will Do The Rest

Autumn Road

Autumn Time

Avoid The Risks of Aging

Awakening To Spring

Awakening Spring 2nd

Back Home

Baked Macaroni Recipe

Balancing Life's Priorities

Because I Prayed

Be A Better Father

Be A Star Employee

Beautiful Person

Because Jesus Came

Because The Lord

Before Jesus Came

Begin Again - Perseverance

Being A Christian

Being Disabled In Society

Believe And You Will Achieve

Believing In Yourself

This is a Work In Progress. There are close to 1,000 files total. These are the ones I have done so far.