Scene The Third.
Inside The Hollow,
The Next Morning.

When the three finally awoke, the hare sat up and thanked heaven
he didn't have to work, for it was nearly eleven.

"Why don't you have to work?" asked the owl, as carefully rubbed his eyes,
"I don't suppose your boss will fall for phony alibis."

"What ARE you saying?" begged the hare, "(I don't think that I can hear),
"why, you told me last night and you made it quite clear,
"I had the day off from work is what you then said,
"so stop all this nonsense-- it's hurting my head."

"I am afraid," replied the owl, "you must be mistaken,
"that is not a responsibility I would have undertaken."

With this, the hare's face turned a glowing fire red,
"Mister you've made a big mistake," is what he then said.
Then he ran into the kitchen and came back out with a knife,
screaming, "you don't understand, my work is my life!
"I will surely lose my job because of your nasty lie,
"so you two can just kiss your sweet asses good-bye!"

"Don't get excited," said the owl, "and please don't get upset,
"you're just having a bad day is what I would bet;
"just calm yourself down and get rid of that knife,
"lately you've been under much too much strife."

Then from the other room, the bear quietly stepped in,
laying a hand on the hare, he grinned him a grin,
"Do as Mr. Owl says, "the bear said with a smile,
"you know that if we fight, I'd beat you by a mile."

"You people don't understand... you're just not THERE.
"I'll show you a thing or two, you mean old Mr. Bear!"

This the hare screamed (a bit unsteady with fright),
as he swung the knofe at the bear with all of his might;
the bear reacted quickly, ducking beneath the blow,
then he grabbed the hare by the neck, as he rose up from below;
the hare struggled in a frenzy as he snarled and he cried,
but the bear just held on tighter, until the hare had died.

Staring at the corpse lying on the floor,
a good deal more quiet than he had been before,
Mr. Owl finally spoke, saying, "Oh, but he was such a bore...
"don't we still have some beer? I'd like a bit more."

"You know I didn't mean to hurt our good friend Mr. Hare;
"I really am very sorry," mumbled Mr. Bear.

"Such is life," said Mr. Owl, as he emptied his glass,
"serves him right for being such a pompous ass."

"I couldn't help but squeeze his neck," said the bear, "when I felt him straining;
"you know, I think, it must have been that damned cammando training!"

"Precisely my point," said Mr. Owl, "on the head the nail you've hit;
"the old boy would be alive right now, if he didn't have such a fit.
"Actually, I'm glad we're rid of the stupid old cow,
"he wasn't much fun to be with anyhow..."

With this, Mr. Owl turned, falling back in a chair,
and raising his glass, he saluted Mr. Bear,
"It just goes to show," sang Mr. Owl, as if he were a parrot,
"rather than get excited, we should learn to grin and bear-it."

Which made the bear grin.