creamy cole slaw

A basic creamy cole slaw and/or salad dressing recipe. 


Basic bread

The ratios I use for an all-purpose, everyday bread recipe that makes awesome toast.


baked macaroni and cheese

Traditional baked macaroni and cheese. Not hard to make once you know the trick to making the melted cheese sauce.


Synology NAS

General instructions for loading drives and initial setup of Synology DS220+ NAS.


hot chocolate

Basic hot chocolate recipe with 3 different milk options.



poultry seasoning

Make your own poultry seasoning mix which simulates store-bought proportions.



internal hard drive

Mounting a 2nd hard drive in Linux automatically by editing /etc/fstab.  Daily backup script using rsync.


linux fixed IP

The easy GUI way to assign a fixed IP address to your network device using Ubuntu Linux.


curried chicken and veg

A simple way to make curried chicken (or tofu), including a link to a great recipe for curry powder.



Curry Powder

I tried to recreate my favorite curry powder in a jar and I'm very happy with the results.