Flickr photo gallery


I am experimenting using Flickr as the source for displaying albums on my website. I use the Joomla content management system, but both methods described here will work for any site and long as you can copy and paste HTML code in your site.

The first method is the one described in the Flickr Help pages. While on the Flickr website, choose "You" and then "Albums" and selec the album you want to embed. Use the curved arrow icon (Share), make sure "Embed" is chosen at the top, select your options and copy the HTML code. Below is an example that includes the Header and Footer options. The footer shows any descriptions you had added to the photo.


Upper Dells Boat Ride


Upper Dells Boat Ride


Above are two trials using the Share feature from the Flickr website. Neither one does what I want and actually "embeds an album". The first example will actually let you scroll through the photos as a slideshow, but you cannot see any thumbnails to choose one. You do not see the album at all, it only provides a link to it. The second, smaller photo comes from choosing "thumbnail" from the photo size, but it still only shows one. I had the options for Header and Footer set to true, but it shows neither of those and takes you back to the Flickr website when you click on it.


The second method is from a 3rd party site. It is free as long as you include a link back to the site (Flickr has the same Terms of Service). The site is called and the result is a slideshow that can be automatic or manual. There is a complete set of choices to customize the HTML. As you can see, it currently has some issues with my Joomla template. The height is much smaller than the preview on the website showed.




As of right now, I see no simple way to embed a thumbnail view of all your photos, where the visitor can choose from one of many photos to look at. The thumbnail sets currently on my site (2020-08) are made from a Joomla extension called ImageShow by Joomlashine. I have no business relationship with them.