Basic bread

The ratios I use for an all-purpose, everyday bread recipe that makes awesome toast.


Berbere Spice Mix

My version of Berbere inspired spice mix. Great for making stews, a dry rub for meats, and especially for adding to popcorn.



Bowl of Chili

This is a very easy standard chili recipe with meat and beans that is slightly spicy. With the optional addition of peppers, onions and garlic, it should almost pass as a health-food dish!



creamy cole slaw

A basic creamy cole slaw and/or salad dressing recipe. 


Corn Muffins

Quick and easy corn muffins with vegan options listed.



curried chicken and veg

A simple way to make curried chicken (or tofu), including a link to a great recipe for curry powder.



Curry Powder

I tried to recreate my favorite curry powder in a jar and I'm very happy with the results.



Spaghetti and sauce plate

Here is a recipe for sauce you can use when you are overwhelmed with tomatoes or have too many that are bruised and not good for much else.



hot chocolate

Basic hot chocolate recipe with 3 different milk options.



baked macaroni and cheese

Traditional baked macaroni and cheese. Not hard to make once you know the trick to making the melted cheese sauce.


Basil Plant

Pesto is a great way to store an abundance of fresh basil.



poultry seasoning

Make your own poultry seasoning mix which simulates store-bought proportions.



vegan salad dressing

If you like Asian food and you like Italian food, you will probably like this dressing. There is a strong garlic and ginger presence. It might even be good for you!



vegan cole slaw

This is the recipe I have been ask for the most times. The dressing with Asian flavors has fresh garlic and ginger. You don't need to be vegan to enjoy this.