pesto ingredients 1


Pesto is a great way to store an abundance of fresh basil.  When fresh, this mix had a good bite of fresh garlic and plenty of salty cheese flavor.




Total volume: About 20oz
Approximate prep time: 30-60mins 1 large basil plant, cheese and garlic.
Mix Time: 15mins with advanced blender.

Required Tool: Blender or Food Processor.

  1. Pick the best bright-green leaves from the basil plant and let them sit in cold water until ready to mix.
    basil leaves
  2. Chop the garlic and grate the fresh Parmesan so you have enough to measure and alter to your taste.
    pesto ingredients prepped
  3. Mix until smooth in a blender.  This is easier said than done.  If you have an advanced mixer like Vitamix or Blentec.  It might be as simple as using a pre-programmed setting similar to "sauces and dressings".  Otherwise, start by adding the cheese and nuts and pulse the blender a few times.  Add the basil and go back and forth between adding olive oil, pulsing the blender, and scraping the sides of the blender to get it all to mix. Here is what I got from the ratios listed above.
    pesto in container


pesto on pasta