Tomato stakes in garden

If you have good garden soil and feed your tomato plants, it's hard to find decent tomato stakes that are tall enough. Here is a way to get cheap stakes that are six feet or more tall. Difficulty: You need access to a table saw.



vegan salad dressing

If you like Asian food and you like Italian food, you will probably like this dressing. There is a strong garlic and ginger presence. It might even be good for you!



vegan cole slaw

This is the recipe I have been ask for the most times. The dressing with Asian flavors has fresh garlic and ginger. You don't need to be vegan to enjoy this.



Bowl of Chili

This is a very easy standard chili recipe with meat and beans that is slightly spicy. With the optional addition of peppers, onions and garlic, it should almost pass as a health-food dish!



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Passive Solar Dome Home
Passive Solar Dome Home

I uploaded a copy of my project for the National Science Foundation's workshop on solar energy and energy engineering that was done in 1981 (the last year of the workshop). It goes through a significant background of passive solar design, alternative energy sources and energy efficiency. The calculations section contain gross over-simplifications and are not realistic, but I'm still impressed at the paper that was done during a few weeks in the summer, while attending class each day as well.

Here is a link to the article filed in the "Projects" section of my website:

1981 - Passive Solar Dome Home


Ubuntu MATE welcome screen

Why I like Ubuntu 18.04 MATE Linux. Suggestions for apps to use and changes to default setting.


Gnome switch desktops

A brief explanation as to why the MATE desktop is better than the GNOME for being productive with multiple tasks.