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MySQL Create US State Table Script


If you have a database and you don’t need a full US state and zip database, it might be helpful to have a look-up table of state names and abbreviations. I searched for a little while and didn’t find anything simple right away, so here is a little SQL script to make a state look-up table. It can handle over 65,000 records and state / province names up to 32 characters, so you can expand your horizons if needed.

# Creates a table of state IDs, names, and abbreviations.
# 2012-10, 2007-05 http://kimbriggs.com/
# Over 65,000 records allowed.
# Additional insert statement fills table for US states and DC.

drop table if exists tbl_state;

create table tbl_state
state_id   smallint    unsigned not null auto_increment comment 'PK: State ID',
state_name varchar(32) not null comment 'State name with first letter capital',
state_abbr varchar(8)  comment 'Optional state abbreviation (US 2 cap letters)',
primary key (state_id)
charset utf8
collate utf8_unicode_ci
insert into tbl_state
(NULL, 'Alabama', 'AL'),
(NULL, 'Alaska', 'AK'),
(NULL, 'Arizona', 'AZ'),
(NULL, 'Arkansas', 'AR'),
(NULL, 'California', 'CA'),
(NULL, 'Colorado', 'CO'),
(NULL, 'Connecticut', 'CT'),
(NULL, 'Delaware', 'DE'),
(NULL, 'District of Columbia', 'DC'),
(NULL, 'Florida', 'FL'),
(NULL, 'Georgia', 'GA'),
(NULL, 'Hawaii', 'HI'),
(NULL, 'Idaho', 'ID'),
(NULL, 'Illinois', 'IL'),
(NULL, 'Indiana', 'IN'),
(NULL, 'Iowa', 'IA'),
(NULL, 'Kansas', 'KS'),
(NULL, 'Kentucky', 'KY'),
(NULL, 'Louisiana', 'LA'),
(NULL, 'Maine', 'ME'),
(NULL, 'Maryland', 'MD'),
(NULL, 'Massachusetts', 'MA'),
(NULL, 'Michigan', 'MI'),
(NULL, 'Minnesota', 'MN'),
(NULL, 'Mississippi', 'MS'),
(NULL, 'Missouri', 'MO'),
(NULL, 'Montana', 'MT'),
(NULL, 'Nebraska', 'NE'),
(NULL, 'Nevada', 'NV'),
(NULL, 'New Hampshire', 'NH'),
(NULL, 'New Jersey', 'NJ'),
(NULL, 'New Mexico', 'NM'),
(NULL, 'New York', 'NY'),
(NULL, 'North Carolina', 'NC'),
(NULL, 'North Dakota', 'ND'),
(NULL, 'Ohio', 'OH'),
(NULL, 'Oklahoma', 'OK'),
(NULL, 'Oregon', 'OR'),
(NULL, 'Pennsylvania', 'PA'),
(NULL, 'Rhode Island', 'RI'),
(NULL, 'South Carolina', 'SC'),
(NULL, 'South Dakota', 'SD'),
(NULL, 'Tennessee', 'TN'),
(NULL, 'Texas', 'TX'),
(NULL, 'Utah', 'UT'),
(NULL, 'Vermont', 'VT'),
(NULL, 'Virginia', 'VA'),
(NULL, 'Washington', 'WA'),
(NULL, 'West Virginia', 'WV'),
(NULL, 'Wisconsin', 'WI'),
(NULL, 'Wyoming', 'WY')

If you are working on the states, you probably already have a  MySQL Create Contacts Table Script.

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