Updated 2012-01, Ubuntu 10.04.03.


This has been a trouble-free, Black and White duplex laser network printer that I have used with various flavors of linux and Windows XP.


There isn't much to write about because there haven't been any problems, but I thought after a year or so of use, I should post a note saying as much. The disk that comes with it works for Ubuntu and Opensuse linux and Windows XP. The setup loads the drivers needed and some Samsung software.

The only possible drawback is that you get a window showing how much toner you have in your printer each time you boot up your computer. I really don't mind seeing this, so it hasn't been an issue. It works great. Applications dialogs always allow for duplex printing and most allow for a Toner Saver option. It has rarely had a paper jam.

Samsung Software

You can get the latest software for this printer for Windows, MAC, or Linux at the Samsung support page. There were 3 downloads available for linux, but I only needed two of them: Unified Driver Configuration and Smartpanel.

NOTE: While adding a new printer in the Ubuntu Linux printer administration program, the default (recommended) choice for the driver is ML-2851-ND Foomatic/Postscript. This driver worked for me but did NOT allow me to use the Smartpanel software. In order to make use of the Samsung software, pick the driver called Samsung ML-2850 Series PS.

Setup Under Debian 5

Under Debian linux, the GUI setup does not start, even when trying to launch the setup program manually. It gives a permissions error and/or wants graphics I didn't have. There is a text mode that it falls back to, however, that loads a nice postscript driver and sets up the printer. Note that I first tried to run the install script using "./install.sh", but got a shell error. You need to call bash directly.

root@myhost# cd  /PATH_TO/cdrom/Linux root@myhost# bash  install.sh

Note: If you just are looking for the driver on the CD that came with the printer, mine was at ..../Linux/noarch/at_opt/share/ppd/ML-2850ps.ppd.