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Mohu Leaf 30 Review – Free Broadcast TV

mohu leaf 30


When installed with a clear site line in a high location, the Mohu Leaf 30 antenna got all of the channels predicted. I would recommend it except where it may exprience significant temperature extremes.

Find Your Potential Stations

I found several websites where you can look up available digital television stations if you enter your address. Most of them are also selling digital TV antennas or related TV services. That’s not necessarily bad. It’s in the best interest of the companies for you to get an antenna you are happy with. Here are a few links, with the official FCC page listed first. It is *important* to remember that the antennas are directional. You will end up having more success in one direction than the other.

Mohu Leaf 30 in the Attic

mohu leaf warped

I do not recommend you get this antenna for an attic area that is not climate-controlled. I’d estimate the temperature range to be about 40-95 degF for the attic where this antenna was. That is too much for it to handle. The velcro stick-on holders for the window all came off. After that, leaving the antenna hanging in the window on it’s own resulted in it warping significantly (a bit more than is shown) and this caused the reception to degrade.

There are two holes in the top of the antenna. When it was pulled to each side with string to flatten the profile, in the glass part of the window with no obstructions, then the reception returned to nearly what it was in the beginning.


I think this would be a good indoor antenna if you live close enough to broadcast antennas. Be conservative and if TV maps say you’ll get a moderate /weak signal for a station you want, then get the better antenna. Remember direction matters. Remember height matters. This antenna was about 25ft above the ground and the house is located roughly 100ft in elevation, with most of the antennas being at sea level. Line of site is also important, so don’t expect to get a lot of channels if you live in an urban cavern of tall buildings. Good luck.

After getting your local broadcast channels via an antenna, you can get basic cable channels relatively cheaply with Sling TV, as long as you have a fast internet connection. During my searches I also saw an over-the-air DVR device that I did not know existed, so you can record the live TV from the antenna. The product is called Tablo TV DVR, but I have no experience with it. [I am no way affiliated with either Sling TV or Tablo TV].

Two more online services I just discovered are affiliated with public libraries. Some libraries integrate with the app on Amazon TV, Apple TV, etc, and show older shows, movies, and documentaries for free. You “check out” the titles for a time like you were borrowing a library book. The sites are and Happy Streaming.

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