2014 subaru outback headlight

Subaru Outback Headlight Placement (2010-2014)


I’m including a still photo to go along with the existing Youtube videos that show you how to replace the low-beam bulbs in certain Subarus. I post the links to the videos I used below. I read on other sites this information is applicable for years 2010-2014, but I have not confirmed that. The good news is that all the other bulbs are easier to change

NOTE: While changing the bulb yourself can save a lot of money, doing it is NOT EASY and requires having some tools, a steady hand that will get dirty, and a lot of patience. You need to loosen and move the wheel well protector out of the way and reach in from the wheel well without seeing what you are doing.

Here is the reference photo of how the low-beam light bulb should be seated in the housing. It is especially tricky because you cannot see the housing after you stick your arm in the opening (see the reference videos) AND the pressure latch will secure the bulb very easily in the wrong position. The tab on the flat side of the bulb housing needs to be inside of the rectangular channel. My first instinct was the plug would be horizontal but it ends up being at an angle in the proper position.

2014 subaru lowbeam headlight


Here are the videos I used to change the lightbulb in my car. You will need more info than just the photo above. There are more videos but this was more than enough information. I will emphasize again that it wasn’t easy.

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