HTML Notes 4: Linking with the Anchor Tag - File B

This is the second of two pages concerning the anchor tag used in linking pages in HTML. If you got here by clicking on a link in your works! If not, make sure that both files for part 4 are in the same directory.



<title>Linking with Anchor Tags - File B</title>


<h1>Linking with Anchor Tags - File B</h1>

<p>It works. Go back to
<a href="4-linking-with-anchor-tag-B.file">Page A</a></p>



Remarks: Listing just the file name in the "href" part of the link implies that it is a file in the same directory, so "file_name.html" is the same as "./file_name.html". For relative paths, "../" means "one directory up", and you can keep going "../../../", for example. For absolute paths, you either start with a "/", which is the top of the world for your instance of the Apache server, or start the path with a "http://" for a file that is on another server.

Anchor Tag for linking pages or to a place within a page.