Malibu is almost "North Los Angeles", and I didn't have many pictures of either, so they are sharing this page. I'm not claiming to have a good picture of Malibu City here. These photos do show how the mostly coastal cliffs of the Julia Burns - Big Sur State Park area have given way to the mostly beach shoreline in Malibu. Driving through Malibu made me think of 1960's Bikini Beach type movies, daddy-o.

You would *think* that 4 lanes of traffic in both directions would be enough, but nooo... I was driving through Los Angeles late afternoon and any plans of seeing anything in particular were cancelled by the traffic jam. I got off an exit near Redondo Beach, so here are a few pictures of what that area looks like. It wasn't totally grid-locked, and I was able to drive okay after having dinner and going for a walk on the beach.

These photos were taken in 2004.