The first picture is from a shop in Cruz Bay with many crafts and unique items. I think you should visit this place if you are in town: Tropical Details. The cool shop with cool tings. Raintree Court, St. John 340-693-9000. In 2006, there was one supermarket on the edge of town. You could get lots of supplies there and there was a mall called The Marketplace with a few other stores. We walked to it from Gallow's Point but I was young and like to walk. If it's 90 deg F outside, you may want to get a taxi.

The two photos before the "Hours" sign are Northshore Road and Mongoose Junction, a small mall at the end of the road. Morgan's Mango is on this road. At the end you also can enter the Caneel Hill Trail, or continue past the Narional Park Visitor's Center to Lindt Point Trail.