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1st – Agadir Morocco

agadir morocco 400

Back in Time: Agadir in 2002.

Agadir Beach Club

agadir beach club 400

Common areas and on the beach.

Agadir Kasbah

agadir kasbah morocco 400

Views from the old fort on the top of the hill.

Agadir Port

agadir port morocco 400

Touring around the active port.

Bahia Palace in Morocco

bahia palace morocco 400

A beautiful oasis in the middle of the city of Marrakesh.


chtoutka morocco 400

A village in the country.

Marrakesh Morocco

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An afternoon touring Marrakech Maroc.

Morocco Landscape

morocco landscape 2 400

Landscape pictures from the Agadir region out to Atlas Mountains and up to Marrakesh.

Tafraoute Maroc

tafraout morocco 400

A small town in the mountains.

Tiznit – Walled City

tiznit morocco 2 400

Garrison town in southern Morocco.

Tourists in Morocco

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Riding a camel and making mint tea.