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1st – Florida Tourist Sites

warm mineral springs florida 400

Filenames list the site. Does not include Walt Disney World (separate section).

3 Sisters Springs – Crystal River

3 sisters springs crystal river 400

Humans kayaking and manatees.

Advent Christian Village – Dowling Park

advent christian village 400

Photos from most of the grounds at ACV.

Busch Gardens – Tampa

busch gardens2 400

Sampling of photos from all over Busch Gardens.

Busch Gardens Animal Photos

busch gardens animals 400

Extended walk through the animal park.

Busch Gardens Rides

busch gardens rides 400

Pictures of just the rides.

Coral Castle – Miami

coral castle miami 400

Amazing hand-made castle of coral.

Crystal River

crystal river fl 400

Aound town and at the park.

Everglades – Airboat Ride

florida everglades airboat ride 400

Photos from an airboat ride in the mangroves.

Everglades – Swamp Forest Trail

florida everglades hiking trail2 400

A walk mostly on a raised boardwalk in the swamp.

Florida Art

florida art1 400

Art and artistic snaps from Florida, USA.

Florida Hotels

florida hotel 400

Random hotels from all over Florida.

Homosassa Springs FL

homosassa springs florida 400

Photos from on the land and the water.

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

homosassa springs wildlife park fl 400

The grounds and animals at the park.

Manatee Swim

manatee swim florida 400

Early morning wake-up call by the gentle giants.

Manatee Viewing at Tampa Electric

manatee viewing tampa electric fl 400

Manatees like the warm water discharge…

Miami Art Deco Hotels A – L

miami art deco hotel 1 400

Miami Beach area hotels with unique architecture.

Miami Art Deco Hotels L – Z

miami art deco hotel 2 400

Just Art Deco hotels in Miami South Beach, names L-Z.

Miami South Beach Hotels A – L

miami south beach hotel 1 850

Some modern hotels in South Beach (not Art Deco).

Miami South Beach Hotels M – Z

miami south beach hotel 2 850

More modern SoBe hotels, names M-Z.

Miami South Beach Scenery – SoBe

miami south beach scenery sobe fl 400

Pictures from a walking tour of South Beach Miami.

Neptune Beach – Jacksonville FL

neptune beach florida 400

Neptune Beach and the surrounding stores.

Saint Augustine FL

st augustine florida 400

Downtown tourist area tour.

Treasure Island

treasure island florida 400

At and around the beach in Treasure Island, FL.

Warm Mineral Springs

warm mineral springs florida 400

Photos from the spring you can visit and swim in.