minneapolis sculpture garden 850


1st – Minneapolis Tourist Sites

minneapolis tourist site 400

Photo names contain the sites around the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.

Fort Snelling State Park – MN

mn park fort snelling 400

A nice park near the airport with some water features.

Hubert Humphries Metrodome [Demolished]

minneapolis metrodome 400

An off-hour tour of the metrodome before it was demolished.

Interstate Park – Pothole Trail

mn park interstate pothole trail 400

Trail walk featuring strange holes in the bedrock.

Interstate Park – St. Croix Falls

mn park interstate st croix falls 400

This set may be walking in Wisconsin, but looking back at MN.

Interstate Park – St. Croix River

mn park interstate st croix river 400

The rocky river border between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Mall of America Photos

minneapolis mall of america 400

Showing some stores and the center area containing a small theme park.

Mall of America Aquarium – Underwater Adventure

minneapolis underwater adventures 400

A significant walk-through aquarium under the Mall of America.

Minneapolis – Downtown Area

minneapolis downtown 400

Around the Convention Center, Nicollet Mall, etc.

Minneapolis – Guthrie Theater

minneapolis guthrie theater 400

Near the Mississsippi River and Mill City Museum.

Minneapolis – Loring Park

minneapolis loring park 400

Close to downtown, near the sculpture garden.

Minneapolis – Mill City Museum

minneapolis mill city museum 400

The history of milling grains inside an old mill.

Minneapolis – Nicollet Mall

minneapolis nicollet mall 400

A partial-pedestrian mall, downtown near the convention center.

Minneapolis – Sculpture Garden

minneapolis sculpture garden 400

A large park with big sculptures near Loring Park downtown.

Minneapolis Airport Pictures

minneapolis airport 400

The waiting areas, restaurants, and stores at the main terminal.

Minneapolis Airport Intercontinental Hotel

minneapolis airport intercontinental 400

Photos from a one night stay at the newly opened hotel at MSP airport.

Minneapolis Convention Center

minneapolis convention center 400

Inside and out of the MPLS Convention Center.

Minneapolis Hotels

minneapolis hotels 400

A small selection of hotels near the MPLS Convention Center.

Sitllwater Downtown

stillwater minnesota 400

Touristy town on the St. Croix River.

St Paul – Hill House & Summit Ave

saint paul hill house 400

Some big old homes near St Patrick’s Cathedral.

St Paul – Minnesota Historical Society

st paul minnesota historical society 400

A fairly large, museum-type building near the state capitol.

St Paul – MN State Capitol Building

st paul minnesota state capitol 400

The Minnesota state captitol building from the outside.

St Paul – MN State Capitol Inside

st paul minnesota state capitol interior 400

Lots of fancy stuff inside the Minnesota state capitol.

St. Paul’s Cathedral in Minnesota

saint pauls cathedral 400

A photo tour of the very scenic church in St. Paul, MN.

Taylors Falls Downtown

taylors falls minnesota 400

Just the area around the falls.

William O’Brien Park – Marsh Trail

mn park william obrien marsh trail 400

Pictures of just the marsh trail.

William O’Brien Park River Trail

mn park william obrien river trail 400

Just the river trail photos. A little bit flooded.