Intercontinental hotel MSP airport view

I stayed at this hotel during October 2018. The bar on the top floor was still being worked on, but everything else was very clean and still brand new. The hotel is on the grounds of the Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport, but you cannot walk to the terminals without going through security (and that entrance can be closed if the main terminal gets too busy). There is a shuttle that runs every 20mins to the terminal and back (5min drive).

There are two restaurants that were open when I was there. The more casual one has a great game room associated with it. I wasn't able to get a bratwurst at the bar, but the assorted meat plate might have been better, albeit cold. People who like to play games could spend a lot of time a this bar.

I used and IHG free night to pay for this hotel. It is fancier than the ones I stay at most of the time. Still, the fact there was no little convenience store like many of business hotels have now was... inconvenient. Of course there is room service, but really all I wanted was chips and a soda (stuff in the "mini-bar cabinet didn't do the trick). FYI: There is a newstand at the hotel you can buy stuff at that is before security. The other minor annoyance was the TV was willing to hook me up with Netflix or Apple TV (don't have), but the channel selection was way too skimpy for a room costing as much as this does.

You can see from the photos that the room was very big and had some fancy lighting (the light on the desk was a little too fancy to be useful for desk work). I did enjoy the big picture window looking out on the airport. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend the hotel if you are leaving from the MSP airport.