Minnesota Panoramic Photo

The Mall of America really is huge. The open area in the center has a permanent amusement park in it, including a roller coaster. It was originally called "Camp Snoopy", but the name has changed and will probably keep changing themes as it gets different business partners or sponsors.

I don't think people would drive here just to pick up a couple of things. It can be quite a long walk just to get from your car to the stores. It has four very large sections, each of which could be a mall of it's own in a small town. There is even a large tourist attraction, called Underwater Adventures Aquarium within the Mall of Amercia.

The Mall of America is very close to the Minneapolis - St. Paul airport. Most of the hotels around the airport have shuttle buses that will take you to and from the mall. There is also a stop on the "light rail" system at the mall.

These photos were taken around 2007+/-.