There is a lot of room for many big meetings to happen at once at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I think they even had a car show inside. There is one cafeteria restaurant at the top of the spiral stairs, but it isn't open unless the place has a lot of shows. Expect to only find a hot dog and pretzel type of stand along the hallway and maybe a coffee cart.

My recommendations for restaurants near the convention center: Lotus to Go-Go has no-nonsense Vietnamese food 2 blocks from the right-hand side of the MCC. Ping's Chinese Restaurant is about a block away from the Lotus. Good food, but it takes longer and costs more. Chipolte (chain) for cheap eats on Nicollet mall and Brit's Pub if you have the time and the money.

Minneapolis has a lot of weather extremes. Most, but not all, of the downtown hotels can be reached by way of the Minneapolis Skyways. The skyways are enclosed glass walkways 1 story above the street. There is a fuzzy picture of a short section of Skyway that leads to the parking garage in picture #18.

These photos were taken around 2007+/-.