Pedro's "South of the Border" (SOTB) is a whole lot of "stuff" in the middle of not-so-much-stuff. Heading south on I95, it is just over the North Carolina border, about 8 hours (480 miles, 772 km) from Orlando, FL. So, I guess it is a good place to stop and have 1 more day of driving to go to get to Disney-world. Of course, there are a lot of other motels and restaurants along I95 on your way to Florida, but I didn't see any other stops with so much stuff.

I stopped here in the winter when some things, like the rides, were closed for the season. There are motel rooms, several different restaurants, game rooms, toys, souvenirs, ice cream, supply store, etc. Lots of places to spend money. The arcade is separate from the actual amusement park rides. These photos are from 2008.