Arizona Panoramic Photo

You can see from the panoramic photo that Jerome is up on a hill and you will see some great views of the Arizona landscape if you go there. Jerome seems to be a recovering ghost town. There are a good number of artistic - crafty stores and serveral restaurants welcoming tourists (2003). Here is a website for the Town of Jerome. Jerome was once one of the largest towns in Arizona due to the huge copper mine in the mountain side. There are photos below of the remains of some copper tailings. The native American ruins called Tuzigoot are in the same area as these tailings.

So the Jerome - Tuzigoot stop was the afternoon part of a whirlwind tourist trap trip. The morning's stops are described on the Montezuma's Well page. It you take I-17 South to Route 260 and follow it Northwest, you will come to the areas described on this page. Dead Horse State Park is also in this area (no pictures).

These photos were taken in 2003.