The Upper Dells Boat tour is a scenic and relaxing boat ride I would recommend you take. The "Dells" are a gorge in the Wisconsin River and there are many unique rock formation, mainly made up of Cambrian sandstone. It reminds me a little bit of Sedona, AZ. The entrance to the boat ride is at the intersection of Broadway and the Wisconsin River, right next to the Dells River Walk. The water here is very calm. The seats on the upper deck of the tour boat are just lawn chairs.

The Upper Dells seemed much larger than the lower dells. The two stops on this trip are called Witches Gulch and Standing Rock (in that order below). You can see lots of interesting rock formations close-up at both stops, but the trail through Witches Gulch is very unique (video link). Henry Bennett took an early "action photo" of his brother jumping in mid-air to the large Standing Rock, like the German Shepard does now for the tour groups. There is a Henry Bennett museum in Downtown Wisconsin Dells.