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Passive Solar Dome Home (1981)


This is a project that I completed while attending the National Science Foundation’s workshope on solar energy and energy engineering in 1981, my junior year in high school. The main discussion throughout the paper is about energy sources that are alternatives to traditional petrochemicals (oil and gas).

passive solar dome home

The passive solar / energy efficiency design of the home includes an attached greenhouse, large amounts of thermal mass (cement, stones, etc) for energy storage, large windows with southern exposure (smaller windows on north side), and an entry vestibule. Much of the first floor is below grade to take advantage of the temperature moderating properties of the earth as a heat source / sink.

Here is a link to a PDF copy of the document. There is a large amount of background information on solar energy and energy efficiency that can be understood with high school math. The concepts are sound, although the actual energy calculations are grossly over-simplified and not realistic. Paid for with your tax dollars, so enjoy…

Passive Solar Dome Home Design

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