Below is a link to a "template" Microsoft Access database that keeps track of volunteer work hours at different locations. You are free to use it for all non-commercial purposes. The database was created for a Land Trust, so it includes the ability to track hours for different properties. If you can edit MS Access, you could easily change the properties table to a table of Projects and change the Work Types accordingly.

If you don't want any instructions, you can directly download the Microsoft Access Land Trust Voluteer Database. Please note the licensing terms below. It is free for NON-COMMERCIAL use only.

Here is a quick view of the "dashboard" containing tabs for the most used forms. Click the picture for a larger version.

Land Trust Database


  • Download the file from the Land Trust Voluteer Database link and scan it for viruses if you want.
  • I suggest you give a unique name referencing your situation. Become familiar with the forms and reports.
  • Enter your contacts. If you are familiar with Microsoft Access, you can probably add you contacts "in bulk" to the tblContacts table.
  • Enter your properties. Make several test entries in the "Work Hours" form.
  • If things work out, delete the fake "placeholder data" (but not necessarily the "generic" data) and start using!


This database was designed for use by land trust organizations. You can also use it to keep track of volunteer hours for other organizations as well. For example, you could change the Properties table to keep track of names of Projects, if all of your volunteer work is a one property. You could then delete the entries in the Work Type table and make them better suited to your organization.


This database is provided under the terms of a Creative Commons NON-COMMERCIAL license. The link goes to a very human-readable form of the terms. If you are a non-profit organization, you may use it for free under those terms. You may also contact me to obtain a commercial copy or get help using it.