A Party:

Kim Briggs: A Party


A Party Unplugged:

Kim Briggs: A Party Unplugged


[Am | G | F | Em]
[Am | G | F | Em]

Chorus: (Insert Anywhere)
Hey! Hey! It's a special day
We're gonna have ourselves a par-tay
We don't need no electric lights
We're gonna burn a fire through the night

Something's happening down on the farm
Trying to have some fun and do nobody harm
The hosts have asked with grace and with charm
Oh please, just don't burn down the barn!

A rude awakening by a great machine
Is what got us out of bed
I thought it was the morning after
You know that feeling you get in your head

I was digging ditches for the Dalai Lama
This is what he said to me
"Build a fence around yourself
"You will never ever be free"

Getting hot and bothered in the cold rain
Sitting in melted snow and feeling no pain
We say we're having fun and people think us strange
Staying hungry and busting water mains

I was cleaning floors for Cleopatra
She looked at me like I could do no wrong
She said, "We're having a big party tonight boy
"And I'm counting on you to sing me a song"

"Tell me I'm beautiful, tell me to have a nice day
"I love it when you talk to me that way.
"If you're a good boy and you clean the palace right
"I might even let you stay the night"

Shirley Temple's standing next to me
She's picking my brain just like a crow
There's only questions up there, no answers I'm afraid
That's what she don't know

The women seem to agree on one thing
When the men drink they all become jerks
They ain't much good for conversation
But at least they bring the fireworks

I'm so glad to be here today
It's great to see my old friends
There'll come a time when we all leave
But this party will never end!