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Al's Diner

[G | Bm | Em | Em]
[G | Bm | Em | Em]

Way on up in Massachusetts
They say the boxcar diner was born
There's still a few of them left
Keeping the tradition strong

Not far from the empty mill
And the Spanish grocery store
There's a man who owns a diner
And he's waking up at four

He's got to make the daily special
Bake a pie and some other things
The diner opens at five AM, but
>If you're early he might let you in

[Am] Al's Diner, where the
[C ] Food is fresh
[Am] Just like the
[C ] Attitude
[Am] You don't come here
[C ] For the service
[Am] So shut up and
[C ] Eat you food

His name is Ken, but they call him Al
That's what it says on the menu
Call him anything with respect and
He'll get your food for you

A voice in my head cries, "Cinnamon Buns"
So loudly, I might go deaf
But if the boys from the shop have been by
There won't be a single one left

Merrimack Valley's best kept secret
Right on route twenty-eight
Where the food it ain't half bad
And the prices are really great


If you want to know philosophy
Of the diner, one-0-one
Al will give you a show and tell
While your home-fries are getting done

You can look at some old pictures
And antiques up on the shelves
But if you want a drink with your meal
You get up and get it yourself

After your meal, if you like
You can smoke a cigarette 'cause
There are still a couple of places in the states
The government hasn't gotten to yet


You might even get a greasy spoon
If you're given one at all
But just one taste of the home-made soup
And you'll forget about it all

If you come from even farther north
Across the Canadian fence
You can still get a custom-made meal
And you can ask for it in French

"Pardonnez-moi, garcon, mais
"Il y a une mouche dans ma patisserie..."
"Taissez-vous, monsieur, ou
"Les autres voudrant une aussi!"


Maybe you will be in luck and
Ken's wife Robin will bring your food
She'll serve it with a great big smile
And a little bit of rouge

After all it's just the two of them
That run the entire place
They almost lost it in a fire once
Still, they never did lose faith

There is one other part-time worker
Four feet tall and goes like a horse
Next year he's off the first grade
His name is Andrew, of course


If the staff seems a bit over-worked
Their hours might be too long
Going to church meetings and baseball practice
And feeding the elderly for a song

Why you may never meet two people
That treat their customers so very nice
And good luck finding another place
Where the cheeseburgers are the same price

So come on in and have a bite
It's guaranteed to be a treat
They're always having a good ol' time
"Where The Elite Meet to Eat"