Solid Flat-pick (ONE two-and THREE four-and) [!]=Single chord

[A] Go on Annie go and get your gun
[C!] Keep all them critters [C!] on the run
[A]You make their life very hard
But I [D!] Know that you've got to pro[C!]tect your yard
[A] + 5th fret harmonics

[A] 'Round these parts you're well known
Well it's almost as if you [C!] own the whole hill
[A] We all know that you love to roam
[D!] Scared many creatures but [C!] seldom did you kill

There was a day you could run with a crow
You counted on your speed without fail
Now you still get crazy in the snow
(But your) Body's heavy and your hips are frail


It doesn't bother me that you got brown spots
Or that people say you got a big nose
They even say that you walk with a trot
And that you don't wear enough clothes

I pay no attention to the gossip I hear
When I see you smile my heart sets sail
And even though you're getting on in years
I'd ask you to be mine if you only had a tail

[chords per chorus]
Annie's got a bark like a twelve gauge gun
It's good for putting trouble on the run
But she's about as harmless as a honey bee
(That's) lost it's stinger and can't even see

[A] ( Annie)
[D!] Annie! [C!] Annie the dog
[5th fret harm.]