[Am] It's the dawn of the information age
[Dm] And the Internet is all the rage
[Em] Brenda works and gets uptight
[Dm] She works all day and through the night

Brenda and Guinness are so normal
I would never call them queer
I've known at least two other dogs
Named after that brown beer

Our woman of the world is
Coming to your town
She's looking it once over
And writing it all down

If she embellishes enough
It might be a great story
But if she still needs more gossip
She'll just check what's on TV

[Em] The company it was founded
[Dm] To be a simple factory
[Am] But with Brenda, smoke and mirrors
[Am] It took on an industry

Brenda's such a sport
With her roller blades and all
I've started up a pool on
When she'll take her big fall

Nobody seems to know who they are
Lois Lane is now Brenda Starr
What was brunette is strawberry blond
And Superman thinks he's James Bond

People in line to hear people
With their heads up their ass
But Brenda's first in line
Cause she's got a press pass


When the company it went public
Brenda had plenty to say
Her and the rest of the press
Had themselves a field day

"This company is set to grow
"It's got a whole lot to give
"The strength to move mountains
"And the will to live"

"We're worth lots of money
"Cause we're the high-tech type
"We don't yet make a profit
"But we've got plenty of hype"

The Marketing department is phat
All their campaigns are a hit
They can really work a crowd
And they can really sling the sh*t