dah [snap]do-do [snap]do do (repeat 4 times after chorus)

[E7] I feel a certain numbness
[E7] In the back of my brain
[A7] And my heart is racing like
[A7] A locomotive train,
[E7] They don't make special make-up
[E7] So don't tell me no lies
[A7] How do you get that sparkle
[A7] Inside of your eyes?

I could kiss your mother
Just for giving birth
To such a heavenly angel
Right here on earth,
I might be a creep
Or some kind of a louse
But I'd even thank your boyfriend
For lettin' you outta the house.

[B7] Here comes Christine
[A7] And I'm try'na look cool
[E7] But my eyes are glazing over
[E7] And I feel like a fool.

I'm gonna get and injunction
And take it up with the law
I'm in a state of shock
After what I saw,
An accident's gonna happen
Somebody might get hurt
It oughta be illegal
For you to wear a skirt!

Here comes Christine
And she's looking so fine
That I'm losing track of space
And I'm losing track of time.

If you could hear her laugh
You'd swear she sings
And you should see the joy
That her smile brings,
Grace and poise, oh,
I think she's got them all
And I just like to watch her
Walk on down the hall.

Here comes Christine
And I'm a little tense
She's got a certain something
And I got no defense.

Sure, travel 'round the world
And you're likely to meet
A dozen pretty ladies
Walking down the street,
But so many of those girls
Are as cold as ice--
When you look that good, honey
You're not supposed to be so nice.

Here comes Christine
And I'm feeling real dumb
Can't tell you what I'm thinking
Cause the cat's got my tongue.