(Slowly, with a reggae rhydem)

[C] Flim-Flam
[Em] You Know it's a scam
[C] You'd better watch out
[Em] For the government-man

While you are sitting at home
And you're watching your tellies
The Fed's are using your taxes
To study pork bellies

More sun falls on the earth than we could use in a year
But that's not the kind of news that you're likely to hear
They're diggin' for oil in igneous rock
But it doesn't really matter, it's a tax write-off


The farmer loses his crops and can't pay his bills
So they stick him in the house of detention
But when the banker spends all of our savings
All that they do is give him his pension

I know you've heard of the Iran-Contra trial
The whole thing was about the case of plausible denial
On Christmas eve the president said, "I pardon all of you"
But can he really do that if he is guilty, too?


Once our money was worth its weight in gold
Now "Trust in God" is what we're told
More young people think they'll see a UFO
Than a Social Security check that they can hold

If you think you'd like a nice piece of legislation
And your congressman is going out on tours
When he gets to your town give him a big donation
You wash his back and he'll wash yours