[C | C | F | F]
[C | C | G | G]
[C | C | F | F]
[G | G | C | C]

I'm glad your birthday's in September
And it happens in the fall
It just so happens to be
My favorite time of all

We should all get in our cars
And drive on up to Maine
And then to Minnesota
To see the amber waves of grain

The grain is auburn red
Like your hair after it's dyed
You know I haven't seen you in so long
I almost sat down and cried

When the boys tell you you're cute
All you can say is "oh, please"
But I know that you can't help it
It's just you neur-o-seez

"I may have the latest clothes
"Painted toes and a colored mane
"But stop looking at my appearance
"And love me for my brain"

So happy birthday smarty pants
Enjoy it please Ms. Macealey
But try to keep your spirits light
And don't be so touchy-feely

Without you in Jay's group
They'd suffer such a strain
Without you talent and your charm
There'd be an aweful drain