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[G | G | C | D]
[G | G | C | G]
[G | G | D | G]

Sit down for a spell at the Kimball Brook Farm
Put your feet up by the fire and keep yourself warm
The food's always good and the people got charm
So sit down for a spell at the Kimball Brook Farm

Old Mr. K is such a fine feller
You'd never expect he'd have rats in his cellar
And what about Manal, last night she looked fine?
Well I think she started drinking that dandelion wine!

Mr. K's gin and tonics come out with the moon
We're all very grateful the piano's in tune
Last time I played Ping-Pong the heather was in bloom
I don't know when I'll play next, but I hope it is soon


Sarah up the road has a girl named Molly
The only other one I know is an old Collie
Her and Arthur have gone out to ski
Don't know when they'll be back, so don't ask me

There used to be horses but now there are none
That doesn't mean we're not having fun
Partridge and turkeys are out on the farm
We've blown away some birdies but done deer no harm


The fire it dances around as it glows
While Mr. K and the missus play out in the snow
Some things are just the way they should be
And I don't know if I'll ever learn how to ski

As weddings go, they had a real show
Mr. K kept busy with the H-2-O
There isn't a water trick he didn't pull
He would have mortgaged his house to get that pond full!


There's something about my sister that's not quite right
That bun in her hair is done up too tight
Her boyfriend's hair is really quite long
He's the man that I call up when I'm writing a song

Each weekend the farm gets a new chair or a dresser
We watered the Christmas tree with hydrostatic pressure
I called all my friends by email and by phone
But I'm still sitting here singing out all alone