Have you been looking for that song that says, "We're not in Kansas anymore"? Here it is. I get the feeling that it has always been around... I plucked it out of the ethers and am bringing it to you via http!



4/4, Slow and Shifty

[Opening Instrumental]
[Cm] [Cm] [Cm] [Gm, break on 3rd beat, slide low E high-low]

[Em]  Driven across this country and where-
[Am]  ever I do roam, I
[Em]  Find myself some friends and
[Am Em]  I call that place home
[Em+]  [Em + Notes: F# F# F# E E]

Still my
Friends might not believe that I
Drove a thousand miles on just
One of your hugs and
Three of your smiles


CHORUS (3 sections in all):
[Em]  So come here Twyla Quicke
[Am Em]  And help me if you can

[Gm]  I've lit up a lantern
[Bm]  I opened the cellar door
[Am]  But I don't thank we're in
[Em]  Kansas anymore

[Em]  The tin man's got a heart and
[Am]  The scarecrow's got a brain, I
[Em]  Think we all agree Auntie
[Am]  "Em" is quite insane
[Em]  But where else would you go, if you were
[Am Em]  Alone on the plains?


[Em]  Remembering Minnesota is like
[Am]  Looking through a haze, like
[Em]  Living inside a twister that
[Am Em]  Lasted for three days

I don't mean to sound uncertain
And I don't want to play no games, but I
Couldn't decide which is prettier, your
Face or your name

[Instrumental... keyboard solo]
[Gm Cm]  [Ab Gm]  [Gm Cm]  [Ab Ab]

[Cm]  Twy...
[Gm]  la...

Your skirt flowed like a willow there was
Grace in every step, that I
Don't see more of you is
Something I regret

If I was like the lion and I
Had some courage, true, I'd have
Asked you for a dance, and your
Little dog, too!


[Gm]  So come here Twyla Quicke
[Bm]  And help me if you can
[Am]  Understand the difference between
[Em]  A boy and a man