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Stone Pavilion in the Woods (2005)

Fieldstone pavilion made over several summers.  Just about all of the work done by hand in the woods.  Here is some captions that used to go along with the slideshow:

The final product. Bonfire ready  | Had help from some machinery to dig channels for the walls  |  Then I squared out the holes for the corners  |  This is how one side looked at the beginning of the second year  |  Making the grade, so to speak…  |  Year two improvement: Something to sit on  |  Making a straight wall with a string and a plumb bob  |  I used the post in the middle and a line level to check the height around the perimeter  |  Near the end of the 3rd summer. Just starting the pyramid bases  |  Middle of year four. PVC tubes for holding support pins for wood trusses   |  Going vertical with ladder assistance  |  Completed base. Side view.

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