caneel hill trail

The first photo is where the stores end on Northshore Road. You have to go just past the maintenance area to find the entrance to Caneel Hill Trail. That sign above is all the markings there were at the time (2006). The tree in the fifth photo has a name like "tourist nose" or similar, because it resembles skin peeling off after you get sunburn. If you work up enough of an appetite, you dine nearby at the Caneel Bay Resort.

This trail is not a place to take a leisurely stroll in your flip-flops. You can see from the pictures that the hiking trail is not all dirt. There are lots of places where the rain has washed it away and it looks like a rocky, dry river bed. It also is a fairly steep trail, 719 feet above sea level at the top. The vegetation is very thick and there isn't much of a view until you get to the peak.