charlotte amalie shops

A peculiar thing happened while I was walking around the shops here (2006). I was asked by a bunch of people if I needed a taxi as I walked on the main street. Being from the New York City area, I was very suspicious at first, as there used to be a regular bunch of guys outside of Grand Central who would ask you if you wanted a taxi, but are now kept away by the police (there are no porters at GCS). But this was different

I saw a guy for the second time and he asked me earnestly, "What do you need?" and he didn't mean drugs. I told him my sister didn't eat meat and we were looking for a restaurant. He had a short discussion with a couple of his coworkers and told us the best place to go. It may sound a little sarcastic, but what seems a little out of place for the US here is a genuine work ethic and willingness to help. My experience was that if you show a little respect to the locals, it will be returned double.