Switzerland Panormaic

The panoramic photo above is looking out of the Movenpick hotel in Ouchy, Switzerland. The first seven photos are from Geneva, Switzerland. The first four pictures are the Hotel Bristol. It is not a far walk from the Jet D'eau, in the Old Town section where the Lake Geneva flows into the Rhone River. It is a very nice hotel and the staff was very helpful. I just passed by Beau Rivage Hotel and the President Wilson Hotel walking around the lake area.

There are 12 photos from Interlaken, Switzerland, and the file names all contain the city. The Balmer's Hostel says they're famous, although I'd never heard of them. The Grand Hotel is one of the larger hotels in this vacation town with a lot of hotels. About the only "highrise" building is the Interpole Hotel (no pic).

From the Hotel Mattenhof in Interlaken, you can see the great view of the mountains from the balcony, with Jungfraujoch and other mountains being the main tourist attraction of the area. At the time, the Mattenhof Website was both a hotel and a hostel. The people were very friendly, the rooms were clean, but they did have a strong cigarette smell imbedded in them (2005).

There are five pictures of Ouchy, Switzerland. Ouchy is a village on the shores of Lake Geneva that is very convenient to Lausanne and has a bunch of hotels on the bordering the water. There aretwo photos are of the Movenpick, very nice and modern rooms, but probably the smallest room we had on our vacation / holiday.

These photos were taken in 2005.