Lookout Mountain Photo

Ruby Falls is just as much of a cave tour as it is a waterfall attraction. There is a huge underground waterfall discovered by explorers many years ago and people still can't figure out where all the water is coming from (it is quite deep underground). Up top there is also a zip line and an observation deck. I think you should see it once if you are in the area, but try to go when it's not crowded because there can be a long wait and the trail is narrow enough that you need to stop and let other groups pass.

Lookout Mountain can be a confusing destination if you are not familiar with it already. Driving up the mountain, you first come to Ruby Falls where there is a huge sign with "Lookout Mountain" on it. I asked someone that worked there where I could find a "lookout" spot. There are a couple of public parks with good views, but the best vantage point will be at Rock City at the peak. Here is the homepage for Lookout Mountain.